Saturday, August 12, 2006


Anybody hear of these guys?
Hailing from boring old Miltone Keynes in England.
During my university years, I bought a cheap used cassette (yes, people still used cassettes in those days) and from there, I was hooked.
Like their sound.
So many times, I'd listen to their music on my Aiwa walkman (can I say that? - perhaps yes, becuase now Sony have bought Aiwa), walking the streets of Swansea, late at night. But not in a creepy way.

Here's one video I got from Youtube: Broken arrow.
Not their best song, but gives a good idea of their sound.

Vigilante: 1986. Getting on a bit.
Can't quite get it up anymore (talking about those high kicks).
They can still do it, though.

Days of no trust: Dodgy quality, but this is the only clip I could find of my favourite song of theirs.


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